Friday, April 16, 2010

Battle Report: Eldar versus Space Marines

On a long-forgotten Maiden world, the Storm Dragons set foot to do battle against the perfidious Eldar. Leading the Astartes into battle is none other than Tyran Khan, captain of the 2nd company!

The Eldar army was commanded by Roel, our local Farseer, Tzeentch warlord and all-around paintbrush master.

Points: 1700

Mission: Seize Ground, 5 objectives

Deployment: Spearhead


This army was nominated for Best Army at the Dutch GT 2009!

HQ - Avatar,
Eldrad with 3 Warlocks
Elites - 6 Firedragons
Troops - 2*10 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents (1 w/Brightlance, 1 w/TL Scatter Laser),
10 Guardians w/Brightlance
Fast Attack - 5 Warp Spiders,
Vyper w/Brightlance
Heavy Support - Warwalker w/2 Scatter Lasers,
Wraithlord w/Brightlance

Space Marines:
HQ - Kor'sarro Khan,
Librarian w/Avenger & Null Zone
Elites - 5 Assault Terminators (1*Lightning Claws), Land Raider,
Dreadnought w/TL Lascannon and Heavy Flamer
Troops - 10 Tactical Marines (Powerfist, Flamer, Missile Launcher), Rhino w/Dozer Blade,
5 Tactical Marines (Power Weapon), Razorback w/TL Assault Cannon
Fast Attack - 5 Assault Marines (Power Weapon), Rhino w/Dozer Blade,
Land Speeder w/Multi-melta & Heavy Flamer,
2 Land Speeders w/Multi-melta & Heavy Flamer
Heavy Support - Thunderfire Cannon


The Eldar deployed first:

I fortified the ruin in my corner and deployed my forces in or behind cover:

I kept the Razorback squad with the Librarian in reserve to Outflank them.

Turn 1
The Eldar advanced and the Farseer fortuned up the Avatar. Brightlance fire saw the Assault Marines' Rhino getting Stunned and the lone Speeder was Immobilized by Scatter Laser shots. The Warwalker targeted my Missile squad in the ruin and killed four, leaving only the heavy weapon trooper standing!

My Speeder squadron turboboosted across my left flank while the rest of my army stayed put and opened up on the Eldar lines. The Thunderfire Cannon shook the Warwalker and took a Wound off the Wraithlord. My Lascannon fire was uneffective.

Turn 2
The Eldar continued their advance, the Warp Spiders moving behind the Eldar lines to intercept the Land Speeders. Sporadic Bright Lance and Scatter Laser fire destroyed my Tactical Squad's Rhino.

The Razorback failed to arrive. My Assault Squad moved up after the Speeders in their Rhino. The Speeder squadron fired its multi-meltas at the Bright Lance Wave Serpent and destroyed it. A Lascannon shot from the Dreadnought took out the Vyper as well.

Turn 3
The Farseer cast Fortune on the Avatar again and the Eldar marched on. The Warp Spiders moved up and destroyed the heavy flamer from one of the Speeders. The Dire Avanegers whose Wave Serpent had been destroyed bladestormed the Speeders and Shook them both.

The Razorback carrying the Librarian (whose Psychic Hood would come in handy against that pesky Farseer) again failed to arrive. I backed up my units near the Avatar to delay its charge for another turn. The Thunderfire Cannon opened up on the Fire Dragons with Tremor shells and killed two. Lascannon fire from the Raider took another Wound off the Wraithlord.

Turn 4

Determined to engage the Storm Dragons in close combat the Eldar continued their central advance.

The Warp Spiders again targeted the Speeders but again only succeeded in Shaking them. Melta and Bright Lance fire failed to harm the Land Raider.

With the Razorback again delayed, Khan ordered the counter-assault. The Terminator Assault Squad engaged the Fire Dragons and Farseer in close combat. The Thunderfire Cannon shook the Wave Serpent threatening the stranded Tactical Squad on my right. Meanwhile the Speeders turbo'd away from the Warp Spiders. The Assault Squad snuck up to the Guardians.

Khan failed to wound Eldrad, but the Terminator Sergeant impaled two Fire Dragons on his Lightning Claws. The Eldar could not find a weak spot in the ancient Terminator armour, and three Thunderhammer Terminators converged on Eldrad. 9 attacks resulted in four hits, one of which wounded. Before I could even sigh at this poor result Eldrad failed his rerollable 3+ Invulnerable Save and was instantly crushed. Two Warlocks and the remaining regular Fire Dragon died to no retreat wounds.

Turn 5

The Avatar and Wraithlord both charged the Terminators and Khan. The Warp Spiders again fired on the Speeders and could not harm them. The Wave Serpent moved to contest the objective held by the stranded Tactical Squad.

In the Assault phase, the Eldar smashed a Terminator to the ground, but the Wraithlord failed to do anything. The Avatar suffered a Wound from the Thunderhammers. Khan and his squad successfully disengaged from the combat using Hit & Run and could move an impressive 17"! They decided to stay close to the Avatar however, eager to finish it off.

The Razorback finally arrived and moved up next to the Wave Serpent. The Assault Cannon opened up but failed to do any damage. The Assault Squad charged the Guardians and killed four or so, locking them in combat, while the Speeders exacted revenge on the Warp Spiders and killed all but the Exarch in a fiery display of pest control. The Dreadnought assaulted the Wraithlord and the two monstrous war engines destroyed each other in an epic duel. Khan and his Terminators challenged the Avatar again and took another Wound off it.

We rolled to see if the game would continue and it didn't. With one objective claimed by my lone Missile Launcher marine I pulled off a win, but we finished the fight between Khan and the Avatar to see who would win.

As the blade of Khaine's effigy smashed into Khan's armour, the captain's Iron Halo crackled under the strain, absorbing the blow. One Thunderhammer blow smashed into the Avatar's leg, bringing him down on one knee. A second one sent the creature's sword flying. A third utterly crushed his burning head, destroying the demi-god in a gout of flame and ash.

Victory for the Storm Dragons!

What a fantastic game, though it's never easy for Eldar to footslog against a mechanised foe, Roel's resolute advance down the centre of the board kept me pushed back in my corner, allowing his fire support units to cripple my vehicles. Unfortunately for the Eldar the dice gods abandoned them at critical times and my Terminators managed to slay Eldrad, sealing the Space Elves' fate. We'll see if the Storm Dragons will be as lucky next time...

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