Friday, February 12, 2010

Battle Report - Orks versus Space Marines

Orks versus Space Marines
1700 Points
Seize Ground, Pitched Battle

This was a game against one of the local Warbosses, Dennis. His Ork army contains some awesome conversions, especially the Looted Wagon and his Raider/Speeder Battlewagon hybrid. He used the following (apologies for the lack of details):

-Warboss with Nobz in a Trukk
-‘Ard Boyz mob in a Battlewagon
-Stormboy mob
-Shoota boyz mob
-Looted Wagon with Boomgun

I took the following list:
-Librarian (Avenger, Null Zone)
-5 Assault Terminators (Sergeant w/Lightning Claws)
-Land Raider
-2*10 Tactical Marines (Power Weapon, Flamer. Missile Launcher, Rhino w/Dozer Blade)
-Dreadnought (Lascannon & Missile Launcher)
-Dreadnought (Assault Cannon & Heavy Flamer)
-Vindicator w/Dozer Blade
-Thunderfire Cannon
-3*Land Speeder Tornado (Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer)

The battlefield:


The Orks took first turn, and deployed the Trukk with the Warboss and Nobz centrally. The Stormboyz and Looted Wagon set up on the right flank.

The rest of the army took the left flank, except for the Kommandos, who were kept in reserve in order to Outflank me.

I deployed my army centrally, with the Thunderfire Cannon hidden behind a hill but with clear lanes of fire. The Tactical Squads set up on my left flank to capture the three objectives there. I would only try to contest the objectives on my right. With this purpose in mind the Land Raider and Speeders deployed on this side.

Turn 1 - Orks

The greenskin tide surged forwards, with the Stormboyz leading the assault. The Trukk hid behind the large rock in the centre of the table. The Looted Wagon fired its Boomgun at one of my Rhinos and immobilised it.

Turn 1 - Space Marines

My Raider and Speeders moved up to get line of sight to the Nobz Trukk, and succeeded in destroying it. The Dreadnoughts, Thunderfire Cannon, Tactical Squads and Vindicator all focussed fire on the Stormboyz and 13 died in the fusillade. Seven remained and the Nob kept the squad in the fight.

Turn 2 - Orks

The Kommandos arrived from reserve and entered the battle on my left flank. With nothing within charge range they advanced towards my Lascannon-armed Dreadnought.

The Stormboyz multicharged the Vindicator, the Thunderfire Cannon and the Assault Cannon-armed Dreadnought.

The Warboss declared a Waaagh!! and led his stranded Nobz squad into one of my Land Speeders. They promptly tore it out of the sky and they were now right in the middle of my lines. In the meantime the Stormboyz shook the Vindicator but were unable to kill the Techmarine manning the Thunderfire Cannon, who in return killed two Orks with his servo-arms. The Dreadnought smashed an Ork to the ground before the Nob buried his Powerklaw deep within its armoured sarcophagus. The resulting explosion killed three more Orks.

This raised a question: did these Ork casualties count towards combat resolution? We decided they wouldn’t since the Orks are more likely to be enthused by the blast than scared so we tied combat.

Turn 2 - Space Marines

My mobile Rhino moved up and the Tactical Squad inside disembarked, raising their boltguns to fire upon the Kommandos. My other Tactical Squad moved out to assist the Techmarine against the last two Stormboyz, while the Librarian led the Assault Terminators from the Land Raider to engage the Warboss and his Nobz. The two remaining Speeders moved up to soften the Nobz up a bit, scoring some wounds with their Heavy Flamers.

The remaining Dreadnought fired its Lascannon and Missile Launcher at the Looted Wagon but failed to impress the ramshackle vehicle. The Kommandos were reduced to the Nob and one boy after my Tactical Squad rapid-fired their boltguns at them.
The Librarian cast Null Zone and he and his squad charged the Warboss and his Nobz. Combat was brutal, but thanks to some fortunate rolling on my part only one Terminator and the Sergeant fell. In return, seven Nobz were squashed beneath the crackling Thunder Hammers. With a -12 on Leadership, the Warboss ran for it.

The Stormboyz were finally wiped out by the Tactical Marines, liberating the Techmarine from the assault.

Turn 3 - Orks

The ‘Ard Boyz joined the fight and prepared to assault the Land Raider.

One of the Ork crew on the Looted Wagon pressed the wrong button and the vehicle shot forward 12”. Meanwhile the ‘Ard Boy Nob could only scratch the paint on the Land Raider.
The remaining two Kommandos charged the Tactical Squad that had just decimated their mob, the boy was killed before he could strike but the Nob passed both armour saves from the wounds inflicted on him, killed two Space Marines, and sent the rest of the squad fleeing off the table!  

Turn 3 - Space Marines

I moved the Land Raider back to avoid it being automatically hit in close combat next turn. The Land Speeders and Thunderfire Cannon combined fire on the ‘Ard Boyz but only killed five or so, as well as some nearby Grots.
The Looted Wagon was on top of one of the objectives I intended on claiming so I moved my Dreadnought up to engage it. I then realized the Kommando Nob was still running around my tanks and so the Dreadnought spun around and popped the greenskin instead.

Turn 4 - Orks

Since I had to catch a train we decided this would be the last turn. With that in mind the Orks started piling on the objectives, the Shoota Boyz even stretching out in a massive conga line to claim two at once.

The Battlewagon fired at my Land Raider with its Kannons and did zip. The ‘Ard Boyz charged the Speeders, knowing they could easily contest the Orks’ objectives. They achieved some Weapon Destroyed results but crucially the Speeders remained mobile.

Turn 4 - Space Marines

I had no objectives claimed to the Orks’ three so I had to plan accordingly. One Speeder flew out to contest the far-away objective held by the Shoota Boyz. The Land Raider and other Land Speeder contested the objective held by the Grots.
The Assault Terminators charged the Shoota Boyz (thanks to the fact they were stretched out across the table) and they had to pile in, drawing them from one objective and contesting the other one.
The Tactical Squad moved within 3” of the objective that was still contested by the Looted Wagon. The Dreadnought and Thunderfire Cannon combined fire to try and destroy the vehicle, but it was impervious to the incoming fire and stubbornly denied the Space Marines victory!

Zero objectives for either side, draw game!

An awesome game against a fantastic army. The Orks had the misfortune of losing their Trukk early on which allowed my Assault Terminators to get the charge off against the Nobz. Getting the charge off is crucial against Orks to deny them the Furious Charge and attack bonuses. Man of the match award however goes to the Kommando Nob for destroying an entire Tactical Squad by himself. Truly Gork and Mork were with that pesky greenskin!

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