Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dutch GT report 2009 - Games 4 and 5

Game 4 - Trophyhunt, Spearhead
Versus Imperial Guard

-Lots of plasma and melta Veterans in a Chimera and 2 Vendettas
-2 squads of 2 regular Leman Russ tanks
-2 Collosi
-8 Rough Riders

Another custom mission, Trophyhunt is a modified Kill Points mission in which only your three most expensive models (1 vehicle max.) grant points. This is actually in my favor as I can put all my points in the Land Raider (Librarian and one of the Tactical Veteran Sergeants).

Nonetheless I was scared shitless by my opponent’s army which included enough firepower to wipe me off the board in a single turn. Fortunately, two of his objectives were plasma gunners which stood a chance of killing themselves whenever they fired.

I threw everything in reserve, after he’d castled up in his corner. He hadn’t outflanked with his Vendettas so I didn’t have to worry about that.
The Sternguard dropped down and took out one of his Russ squadrons (granting me a Kill Point), while also targeting his plasma gunners’ squad but they survived and held their ground.

We kept trading fire as my reserves started to pour in. He hid the plasma gunners behind the Collosi and despite my best efforts I couldn’t kill them. My Land Raider survived everything thrown at it and my Assault Terminators deployed via deep strike, shrugged off all firepower thrown at them, and killed his Rough Riders while receiving the charge. Speaking of those Rough Riders, they were some sweet conversions:

I won, 14-6. My opponent hadn’t expected that I would reserve my entire army (in fact, he didn’t even know it was possible), but in return I helped him out when he thought his Russes were bound by the rules for firing multiple barrages, which would’ve meant he’d missed my Vindicator. Even in a GT I think it’s important to correct your opponent on rules even if it’s to your disadvantage.

Game 5 - Seize Ground, Pitched Battle
Versus Orks

-2 Warbosses
-2 Nobz squads in Battlewagons
-3 Slugga Boyz squads in Trukks

He reserved his Trukks and joined his Warbosses to these squads. The Sternguard destroyed a Battlewagon and took out half of the Nobz that bailed out. They were then killed by the survivors. My ranged firepower just pinged off and before I knew it I was hiding my Tactical Squads from the Trukk mobs.  My Assault Terminators initiated a counter-attack and were duly dispatched by the Nobz!

I tried to contest objectives with the Speeders but the Boyz weren’t about to give up their prizes! I lost, 18-2. This was probably the best game of the entire tournament, my opponent was an outstanding sportsman and great fun to play. I must admit when I saw his army roster I thought I’d win pretty easily, just goes to show you should never underestimate your foe!

With the paint scores and knowledge quiz scores added, I placed 23rd out of 120. I had a blast at the GT and I can’t wait ‘till this year’s event!

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