Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dutch GT 2009 Report - Games 2 and 3

Game 2 - Take and Hold, Pitched Battle
Versus Imperial Guard

-Lots of Plasma platoons and Veteran squads
-3 Storm Trooper squads with melta and plasma guns
-2 Armoured Sentinels with Lascannons
-2 regular Leman Russ tanks

Take and Hold was a custom mission involving one objective in the centre of the board. Scoring MODELS within 6” gave one victory point, most victory points wins. No contesting.

I took second turn and he deployed spread out across his table edge. The terrain worked in my favor as it split his army in half, preventing each half from drawing line of sight to each other. I deployed in a refused flank to take advantage of this and gang up on one half.

He Stunned my Land Raider but didn’t do much more in his first turn. The Sternguard dropped down across my empty flank to block his line of sight there even more with the Pod. They took out a Veteran squad and claimed some guys from another squad. I had to thin out his scoring models or he’d just swarm the objective and win through sheer weight of numbers.

His Storm Trooper squads deployed via deep strike but couldn’t do much, though the Land Raider was Stunned again. My Speeders went down but claimed some Guardsmen and a Russ in the process. I initiated a mass combat over the objective with the Assault Terminators and a Tactical Squad, while the remaining Tactical Squad dealt with a Storm Trooper squad that somehow had killed my Librarian in close combat!

I eventually pushed him off the objective and won, 18-2. Another great game, this time made greater by victory!

Game 3 - Annihilation, Dawn of War
Versus Orks

-Big Mek with Shokk Attak Gun & Weirdboy
-Shoota and Slugga Boyz squads
-Nobz and ‘Árd Boyz in Trukks
-Tankbustas and Burna Boyz squads
-Zapp guns

I was drawn against somebody from the store where I play, but I hadn’t had the chance to play him before so it didn’t matter. He had a fantastically painted Ork army.

Unfortunately for him his turn kicked off with his Shokk Attak Gun destroying itself and the half of the Shoota Boyz squad it was with, handing me a free Kill Point before I had even moved a model. I tried a conservative play style which with hindsight might not have been such a good idea as it left me open to assaults and reduced the Sternguard to super-expensive spectators.

His Deff Koptas outflanked but tasted the firepower of nearly my entire army. This however left one of my Tactical Squads open to an assault by an ‘Ard Boyz squad, which cost them all their lives.

He assaulted my vehicles with the ‘Ard Boyz and Nobz but could only destroy the Vindicator. I won, 14-6. It was a good game, though I felt a bit sorry for my opponent as halfway through the game our armies were paint judged and he scored lower than me, while it was clearly much better painted. As it turned out, he lost points because he hadn’t based his transparent flying bases, which in my opinion is a stupid ruling since that's why they’re transparent!

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